Each profession has its own professional standards. IAPA has professional certification and recertification standards that must be met to become an IAPA Certified Activity Professional or Certified Activity Consultant. The IAPA Certification Board hopes that you will join our ranks as a Certified Activity Professional or Activity Consultant. The Certification Board will assist you to facilitate the process of being certified.

Benefits of Becoming IAPA Certified

  • Help meet federal law and state requirements
  • Establishes professional credentials to support the important role of activity professionals in various care centers with administrators
  • Meet hiring requirements in many locations
  • Earn higher salaries in many cases due to a recognized professional credential
  • Gain hiring advantage over non-certified applicants

For more information contact:

Linda Sherman

Oak Crest

2944 Greenwood Acres Drive

DeKalb, IL 60115

(w) 815-756-8461

(c) 815-501-9668