Be a part of an exciting profession and an effective statewide organization. Please check out the various committees and projects and see how you can contribute to the success of IAPA.


 Committee Chair: 

Historian, collects memorabilia for scrapbook and official photographer


Committee Chair: Christina Jones

Works on promotion of IAPA awards, materials solicitation, and selection of rceipients


Committee Chair:

Reviews by-laws and policies. Solicits and makes recommendations for by-law changes and prepares proposals for amendments and presents them to the membership for approval


Committee Chair: Deb Greiner

Works on the arrangements for the annual conference


Committee Chair: Nancy Ichinose

Helps to plan, organize and execute the education sessions at the annual conference and other educational opportunities throughout the year


Committee Chair: 

​Oversees the IAPA bank account. Works with the treasurer to prepare the annual budget and present it to the membership for approval

Government Relations:

Committee Chair: 

Represents and conveys a consensus of the IAPA membership to governmental agencies


Committee Chair: Nancy Ichinose

Helps to solicit articles, edits and published the IAPA quarterly newsletter


Committee Chair: 

Helps secure nominations for elected positions

Ways and Means:

Committee Chair: Pam Goff

Secures and sells promotional items, runs raffles during conferences. Works with the conference committee and secures conference exhibitors


Committee Chair: Nancy Ichinose

Help maintain information and add informative content

Certification Board

Chair: Misty Smith
Members: Christina Jones
​Marilyn Pritchard
Sharon Reynolds
​Becky Wilder

Make a difference. Join a committee and contribute your time and talent to the important mission of IAPA.